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Home | Adobe Encore blows a DVD-9

TFDVD Research Labs Receives a letter from an Indie Filmaker on August 2, 2006

Mr. Forrester,

I hear that you're the leading authority in DVD information, replication, masters, and all the like.  I am a Memphis filmmaker that is running into what has become a very expensive problem (for me) with no viable solution.

My film DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS, is a feature film made on spare time and no budget.  We didn't have the money to make a film but found a group of people that were willing enough to help us get it made.  We found a local theater that was kind to give us the screentime to premiere the film (and later extended the showings) and split the ticket sales with us.  This small amount of money enabled us to work toward putting, what I think is, a great film on DVD-9.  I realize that the consumer DVD-9 has had it's own run of problems.  However, we were able to burn a clean master, viewed it twice, and sent it off to be replicated.

Our DVD came back with a one second skip (on Layer 1) some 54 minutes into the film (54:13 to be precise).  The manufacturer said it was our fault and took their time dealing with it... having pre-paid for the run.  They spent 3 weeks with excuses, wanted to keep the master for testing, didn't find an answer or solution, and the local company we went through for the DVDs finally decided to take the process to someone else.

This time we send two DVD-5s with the DDP files for master.  It was checked, accepted, and made a few test discs before we decided to get our 1000 copy run.  This dual layer disc also came back with a one second skip, however, in a different spot. 

The disc plays up to the point then actually skips from 54:21 to 54:23.  The timecode jumps.  I believe that the information is on the disc but for some reason the play error is in the exact same spot on every disc.  The manufacturer has said that they don't see a skip (whatever that means) and that the copy is a bit for bit copy.  The skips on the two different discs from two different manufacturers is in different spots.  Yet, a friend has ripped a copy from a "bad copy" and the skip no longer appears?!

I realize that you offer several different services for several different prices.  At this point, I may have to pay for a "second" mastering process and run that only gave us 5 "test discs" and I simply don't have the money for.  We paid for a product that wasn't done right and now I've spent $2000 dollars on 1000 discs and packaging that are flawed and pretty much worthless. 

I am still determined to get a good copy of the film.  I just don't know how to fix the problem and make this nightmare go away.  Do you have any suggestions or possible solutions to this phantom skip issue?  I might have to sell my car or my soul or something. 

I'm lost and defeated.  I'm a working stiff, with working stiff bills, working stiff rent (too poor and single to get a home loan), and filmmaker dreams.  I've made a great comedic film that I'm afraid no one will ever see because of some stupid DVD glitch. 

Can you help me in any form or fashion?  I don't really have any other option other than a massive failure.

Bevan B. Bell
Rusted Sun Films

The Problem was, in both instances, was Adobe Encore DVD and Gear Pro Mastering Edition allowed illegal layer break formatting and the replicator did not check for the layer break cell. Shown below is the Eclipse ImageAnalysis report from the Encore DVD generated project: