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Professional DVD Authoring Services

Designed For - DVD Producers / Content Holders, Corporate Media Depts. Indie Film Makers, etc.


DVD Studio Pro® Project Proofing Service

AVOID Becoming A Statistic...

Be Sure to Have Trai Look Over Your Files Before Replication

Trai Forrester is the World's Acknowledged Leading Authority on DVD Studio Pro®

Trai got his start with DVD Studio Pro in the spring of 1999 when the program was known as Astarte DVDirector. Trai became the world's leading Astarte Dealer/Distributor by fall of 1999, traveling throughout the country, installing and training on the new system, helping bring in scores of early adopting studios into DVD Production.

Apple hires Trai Forrester as a private consultant in April, 2001, to help introduce DVD Studio Pro 1.0, at NAB. Photo credit: Lou Skriba

Trai introduces the first (and still only) comprehensive DVD Studio Pro Scripting Tutorials disc in July, 2001.

"Trai's scripting disc taught me how to 'think DVD' - Marc McCoy

Trai Founded TFDVD.com a DVD Studio Pro support site, in 2001.

"I'm beginning to understand. All DVD Studio Pro roads lead to Trai" - A Poster on 2-Pop, Spring, 2002

Unsolicited comments from TFDVD.com members, during 2002/2003

Trai collaborates with John Brisbin Releasing the "TFDVDSP Engine",the first and still only, professional DVD Studio Pro Advanced Play List Project Templates - early 2002

Trai released the "TFDVD-9 Maker" the workaround to DVD SP's DVD-9 formatting bug - summer 2002'. For almost 2 years afterwards, it's the only way to guarantee a spec compliant DVD-9 in DVD Studio Pro®.

Trai led the development of DVDAfterEdit, beginning in Fall, 2002. The program was originally designed to extend DVD Studio Pro's capabilities.


New Constellation
is licensed with
the industry's best
DVD Verification

DVD Forum License

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About TFDVD Research Labs' 
DVD Forum License

Knowledge of the 'spec' makes all the difference.

The DVD Forum, headquartered in Japan, is an association composed of hundreds of manufacturers from around the world. These companies, in voluntary association and working under the umbrella of the "DVD Forum", created the standard definition and HD DVD "DVD Specifications", and dispense the licenses that are required to use the "DVD Book knowledge" in product development.

The DVD specifications consist of written volumes of detailed rules and parameters covering every aspect DVD authoring systems, Disc Images, DVD players, decoders, encoders, etc., need to follow as a standard to allow for basic compatibility.

Access to these specifications, one of the benefits of being licensed, is essential to competently interpret verification reports. For instance, the MEI DVD Verifier returns in it's warnings and errors the DVD Specification volume and page number that refer to them.

Up until now, the "West Coast" testing services are not licensed by the DVD Forum, do not verify the DVD's spec compliance, and rely exclusively upon running discs through large banks of players. This type of testing, though informative, does not identify underlying structural problems that are easily missed.

Trai has studied the DVD Specifications extensively since '2000, and this knowledge has been the key to unravel a host of 'DVD mysteries' for his clients.

Our DVD Forum License, along with our thoroughy 'dog-eared' Specification Volumes, are one of the crucial "tools" that enable us to better serve our clients.


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"New Constellation Technologies"
License Acknowledement
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DVD Encoding

to DVD

Trai Forrester's "beyond expert" Mpeg 2 encoding increases the image quality of your DVDs.

Quote from a large content distributor: "Trai, you are making our DVDs look like Blu-ray!"

  FACT: Most DVDs final video image quality suffers from incorrect HD down-conversion and Mpeg-2 encoding.

Call today to set up a free test encode. Prepare to be thrilled at the image quality of your DVD!


Spanish Dubbing Services

English to Spanish:

Turn your content
into a whole new revenue stream for DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Download.

Your entire project
is overseen by Trai, one of the most
trusted names in
the disc production industry.

We have a hand-
picked team; Male/female voice talent, sound
effects, audience laugher, ambient
sound and music mixing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Call Trai now
for great pricing!


New Constellation
Technologies (NCT)

with the industry's most
extensive Blu-ray verification analysis capability.

Nothing but the best,
for you, our client

The Sony? BD-Rom Verifier is the most versatile verifier for Blu-ray Disc File systems and Video and Audio Streams.

Trai's NCT is one of the less than handful of EclipseSuite Blu-ray® licensees in the world that isn't a disc manufacturer (all replicators making Blu-ray use EclipseSuite Blu-ray®).

Trai Forrester's New Constellation Technologies is licensed under the category of "BD-ROM Commercial Audiovisual Content". NCT is listed as a licensee, on this page

Trai has all the Blu-ray Specification books, and has been studying the Blu-ray Specifications since November, 2006 (still can't make a lick 'a sense out of 'em :-)