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Professional DVD Authoring Services

Designed For - DVD Producers / Content Holders, Corporate Media Depts. Indie Film Makers, etc.


DVD Studio Pro® Project Proofing Service

AVOID Becoming A Statistic...

Be Sure to Have Trai Look Over Your Files Before Replication

Trai Forrester is the World's Acknowledged Leading Authority on DVD Studio Pro®

Trai got his start with DVD Studio Pro in the spring of 1999 when the program was known as Astarte DVDirector. Trai became the world's leading Astarte Dealer/Distributor by fall of 1999, traveling throughout the country, installing and training on the new system, helping bring in scores of early adopting studios into DVD Production.

Apple hires Trai Forrester as a private consultant in April, 2001, to help introduce DVD Studio Pro 1.0, at NAB. Photo credit: Lou Skriba

Trai introduces the first (and still only) comprehensive DVD Studio Pro Scripting Tutorials disc in July, 2001.

"Trai's scripting disc taught me how to 'think DVD' - Marc McCoy

Trai Founded TFDVD.com a DVD Studio Pro support site, in 2001.

"I'm beginning to understand. All DVD Studio Pro roads lead to Trai" - A Poster on 2-Pop, Spring, 2002

Unsolicited comments from TFDVD.com members, during 2002/2003

Trai collaborates with John Brisbin Releasing the "TFDVDSP Engine",the first and still only, professional DVD Studio Pro Advanced Play List Project Templates - early 2002

Trai released the "TFDVD-9 Maker" the workaround to DVD SP's DVD-9 formatting bug - summer 2002'. For almost 2 years afterwards, it's the only way to guarantee a spec compliant DVD-9 in DVD Studio Pro®.

Trai led the development of DVDAfterEdit, beginning in Fall, 2002. The program was originally designed to extend DVD Studio Pro's capabilities.


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Trai Forrester's 
Internationally Recognized DVD Authoring, 4K and HD Video Encoding Services

Discover the benefits of turning over the DVD authoring and Mpeg-2 encoding to Trai Forrester.

An examination of the state of the affairs of general DVD production as it exists in the marketplace today in 2020, should be enough to pause those responsible for their company's DVD release to market.

The three main issues encountered on a regular basis are:

  1. DVD playability and performance problems in the market with the shipped discs.
  2. Standard HD Video to Mpeg encoding results in poor video quality on the DVDs. Most DVDs are not optimally encoded.
  3. Advanced usability features cannot be programmed in the DVDs by inexperienced authors who do not have access or knowledge of the DVD Specification.

Other issues encountered are submitting DVD images for replication, especially for dual layer DVD-9s, as both the DVD authoring software itself, and untrained authors often combine for disastrous results.

Add to this, no new professional DVD authoring and production software has been developed for over 18 years and none have been available for sale for over a decade. The last professional DVD authoring software was developed in 2002, by a team led by Trai. The software, "DVDAfterEdit" (originally named "TFDVDEdit" until 2005) is regularly used in Hollywood and production studios worldwide, but is too complex for the average DVD author to utilize without years of intensive training on the DVD specification and related disciplines.

Key point: Very often a company's success can ride on the successful release of a DVD. Unfortunately, since there was never certification or required training on the DVD specifications and DVD production, DVD authors are regularly found giving haphazard excuses to their clients when issues arise. Many DVDs are authored by video editors, graphic designers, etc., who are not qualified to produce high-performing DVDs. Some of these industry professionals have expressed relief, when Trai Forrester, who has spent the last 21 years, full-time, mastering the entire DVD production process, is brought in on the job.

HD Video to Mpeg 2 Encoding Issues and Trai's "Eureka Moment" in 2004

As HD Video started to replace standard definition, the footage looked great, except when it was encoded to Mpeg 2 for DVD. To this day, many DVDs being replicated are plagued with horizontal banding, interlacing artifacts, and generally low quality; the final DVD having less resolution than expected, even accounting for the known lower resolution of standard definition.

Trai wondered why original high-resolution film on Hollywood DVDs looked so good, but HD Video suffered, and set to work to solve the issue. One night he awoke at 3am with a start and ran down to the studio to try an idea, and it worked! Some problem DVD footage turned into pristine, almost Blu-ray like quality. Trai refined the complicated procedure of encoding HD footage to Mpeg 2 over the next several days and a totally unique encoding process was born.

All DVDs authored by Trai are encoded with this process, now time tested and proven on many hundreds of DVD projects for his thrilled clients. Trai works directly with your video editor and graphic designer to make sure your assets are ready for this specialized HD Video encoding to MPeg-2 (standard definition DVD) for high DVD image quality..

Call Trai right now, to discuss your project and set up a free test encode to see the quality for yourself.


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