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DVD Studio Pro® Project Proofing Service

AVOID Becoming A Statistic...

Be Sure to Have Trai Look Over Your Files Before Replication

Trai Forrester is the World's Acknowledged Leading Authority on DVD Studio Pro®

Trai got his start with DVD Studio Pro in the spring of 1999 when the program was known as Astarte DVDirector. Trai became the world's leading Astarte Dealer/Distributor by fall of 1999, traveling throughout the country, installing and training on the new system, helping bring in scores of early adopting studios into DVD Production.

Apple hires Trai Forrester as a private consultant in April, 2001, to help introduce DVD Studio Pro 1.0, at NAB. Photo credit: Lou Skriba

Trai introduces the first (and still only) comprehensive DVD Studio Pro Scripting Tutorials disc in July, 2001.

"Trai's scripting disc taught me how to 'think DVD' - Marc McCoy

Trai Founded TFDVD.com a DVD Studio Pro support site, in 2001.

"I'm beginning to understand. All DVD Studio Pro roads lead to Trai" - A Poster on 2-Pop, Spring, 2002

Unsolicited comments from TFDVD.com members, during 2002/2003

Trai collaborates with John Brisbin Releasing the "TFDVDSP Engine",the first and still only, professional DVD Studio Pro Advanced Play List Project Templates - early 2002

Trai released the "TFDVD-9 Maker" the workaround to DVD SP's DVD-9 formatting bug - summer 2002'. For almost 2 years afterwards, it's the only way to guarantee a spec compliant DVD-9 in DVD Studio Pro®.

Trai led the development of DVDAfterEdit, beginning in Fall, 2002. The program was originally designed to extend DVD Studio Pro's capabilities.


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New Constellation Technologies' Blu-ray Verification & QC Services

All bases are covered, to help navigate your Blu-ray project safely through authoring, replication and out to market.

Our Blu-ray proofing and verification procedures that we propose you consider, outlined below, go beyond Industry standard, and anything offered at Hollywood or Burbank Blu-ray testing operations - the previous statement is confirmed by New Constellation Technologies' licensing of the EclipseSuite Blu-ray® and the Sony BD-ROM Verifier®.

Please find below a description of our 4 major Blu-ray testing components. Of course, we suggest that you enlist all of them for Blu-ray Disc productions destined for replication and wide distribution, but we also offer the components individually.

Trai Forrester's New Constellation Technologies is licensed under the category of "BD-ROM Commercial Audiovisual Content". NCT is listed as a licensee, on this page.

Please call Trai Forrester at 610-924-9204 or email if you have any questions, and for a great quote.

Blu-ray TESTING COMPONENT #1 - BD File System & A/V Stream Verification

Sony™ BD-ROM Verifier® - The Gold Standard in Blu-ray Testing and QC

All first tier Hollywood Studios and many Disc Distributors require Sony BD-ROM Verifier® testing, as part of the certification procedure before the Blu-ray Disc is released into the market. The Sony BD-ROM Verifier® can spot anything amiss in your build files. And once known, remedies can be implemented. A clean Sony BD-ROM Verifier report going out into market, can be a good feeling for all involved in the production.

Before Replication: The Sony BD-ROM Verifier® checks the file systems and all Video and Audio streams; everything on the Blu-ray Disc, and makes sure it's Blu-ray Specification compliant. Below are just a few areas on the disc that are verified:

Blu-ray QC that Fits Your Production Flow

The Sony BD-ROM Verifier® is also very versatile; it can perform verification on an HDMV folder residing a BD-R 25/50, a BD Disc Image on a Hard drive, or verify a BDCMF Image on a Disc or Hard drive. It can also check all video and audio elementary streams for specification compliance before import into the Blu-ray Disc authoring system - Many encoders out there do not put out BD spec compliant streams and ones that do can occasionally output errors.

When Errors are Reported

If (when) problems are reported by the Sony BD-ROM Verifier®, which are returned in an extensive error reporting system which include the page number the item in question is dealt with in the various Blu-ray specification books; Trai has the full library of Blu-ray Specification volumes, plus a growing Blu-ray issue experience base.

Trai is committed to helping solve any errors that may come up during your project's verification, at no extra charge for these consultations.

Blu-ray TESTING COMPONENT #2 - Blu-ray Player Compatibility Testing
Blu-ray Player Compatbility Testing

Before Replication: Even as the above battery of Blu-ray file system and AV tests are being performed, Trai's staff is putting your BD-R through the player bank, and testing the living daylights out it. Everything is checked in each player and extensively reported on - Blu-ray Disc load up time, disc menu navigation performance, pop up menu responsiveness, navigation consistency across players, general performance, etc. A full written report is submitted to you with our findings and recommendations.

After Replication: The Blu-ray Check Disc is tested to see if the manufacturer constructed a quality disc with a repeat of the prior to replication performance tests in the players. But before the player compatibility testing begins, one of the Check discs is run through Eclipse ImageAnalysis Blu-ray®, to make sure the Image came through replication properly; and just like with standard definition DVD Check Discs, we monitor the Eclipse ImageAnalysis Blu-ray® Read Performance Chart to see if there's an area on the disc that shows marginal read performance - this is the area where we'll hone in on during the player bank testing (please see this article for more detail on testing DVD and Blu-ray Check Discs with Eclipse ImageAnalysis).

NCT's Current List of Blu-ray Test Players (as of 9/03/10)
Brand / Model Profile Brand / Model Profile

NCT's proofing rooms are loaded with 3D HDTV's, high-resolution large screen plasmas, high-end and midrange 7.1 and 5.1 sound systems, BD playback capable computers; i.e., everything needed to emulate your BD-R and BD Check Disc's performance - just as if it they were already out to market.

Denon DVD-2500BTCI 1.1 Sharp BD-HP20U 1.1
LG BD370 2.0 Sharp BD-HP24 2.0
LG BX580 3D 5.0 Sony BDP-BX1 1.1
Magnavox NB530MGX 1.1 Sony BDP S-300 1.1
Panasonic DMP-BD10A 1.1 Sony BDP S-350 2.0
Panasonic DMP BD60 2.0 Sony BDP S-550 2.0
Panasonic DMP BD65P-K 2.0 Sony Playstation 3 2.0
Panasonic DMP BDT300 3D 5.0 Sony BDP N460 2.0
Philips BDP-5005 2.0 Sony BDP-S570 3D 5.0
Pioneer Elite BDP94HD 1.1 VIZIO VBR-200W 2.0
Pioneer BDP-120 2.0 BD-ROM Players / Writers
Samsung BD-P1000 1.1 BUFFALO BD Media Station
Samsung BD-P1400


Samsung BD-P1600 2.0 LG BH10
Samsung BD-P2500 2.0 Pioneer BDC-202
Samsung BD -C6900 3D 5.0 Pioneer BDC-2202
Toshiba BDX 2700 2.0 Panasonic US-120
  Sony BDU-X10S
Sony BR-5100S
Blu-ray TESTING COMPONENT #3 - Full Blu-ray Disc Emulation
Linear Playback Testing - All the Video on the Disc is Watched in Real-time
Even with all of our file system testing technology' - there's no substitute for trained staff sitting down with your disc. This type of proofing should be performed after the final multiplex, and anytime after a new multiplex of the disc has taken place.

New Constellation Technologies has acquired the best monitoring equipment; the whole system is designed to catch mistakes and imperfections, so they can be corrected.

Our main Proofing rooms are outfitted with 50" Pioneer 'Kuro' Elite Pro plasmas (the best HD monitor ever made, according to Cnet and other tech review sites). Any encoding errors, macro blocking and other digital artifacts, do not stand a chance of getting by us with our experienced staff, and this awesome monitor.

Our monitoring speakers are full Klipsch 7.1 systems (Infinity sub woofers), with Pioneer Elite A/V receivers. We monitor all the audio formats the Blu-ray format supports. Poor mixes, improper surround sound placement, any audio drops and pops, etc., are all duly noted by time code on the final written report.

We check the navigation on the entire disc - All menu buttons are operated, menu calls are tested, and Title end jumps are observed, etc. Subtitles and additional audio streams can be proofed as well - In Spanish, German, Chinese (both versions) and French.

A full written report is submitted to your studio immediately after linear playback testing is complete.

Blu-ray TESTING COMPONENT #4 - BDCMF Image Testing Before Replication
EclipseSuite Blu-ray® - Trai is With You all the Way Through Replication - and Beyond
The EclipseSuite Blu-ray® testing, during the course of our proofing for you, allows you/us to know the BDCMF Image you'll be submitting to the replication facility is good - before it gets to the plant.
The EclipseSuite Blu-ray® are the same tools all replicators use to transfer your BDCMF Image off of the hard drive and onto their servers. During this transfer using Eclipse ImageCopy Blu-ray®, an Eclipse ImageAnalysis Blu-ray® test on the BDCMF Image is run and a report is generated; this is where all kinds of problems can crop up, resulting in the BDCMF Image being rejected for replication - or worse, problems in the Image being missed or ignored and replication proceeding anyway.
As our client, this will not happen to you, because where other 'testing' companies leave off, we go with you all the way to replication - by emulating the replicators BDCMF Image transfer of your image right here in our studios. And then, you get the Eclipse ImageCopy BD Analysis report we generate, proving the BDCMF Image your submitting is perfect (crucial) - of course, if we find there are problems with your BDCMF image, we help you fix it fast. No other testing facility makes that commitment (same thing we've been doing for years with Standard def DVD Image submissions for our clients). Please contact Trai Forrester for more info on this wonderful capability, and how it fits into a the Blu-ray QC process.
Please contact us, and We'll fill you in further
Please call Trai right now, at 610-924-9204, with any and all questions about these Blu-ray proofing package components (no charge for those, remember) to see how one or several of the above packages can be enlisted for your projects. Thanks, and look forward to speaking.